We want to link Humanity from our Home, to our Moon, to our Planets, and to the Stars.
 We Are LiftPort

Gateway to the Stars

LiftPort Group is a beginning. It’s an invention, meant to help people see the world around us not as the only world we’ll know, but as the first one. It’s a platform to help all of us reach the stars. We are committed to the belief that interplanetary space can be, and should be, reliably and inexpensively accessible by all humanity. LiftPort is dedicated to the construction and operation of a Space Elevator, which will provide safe transit between Earth and space.

The Lunar Elevator

We don’t have the materials or the technology to build a Space Elevator on Earth yet, however, LiftPort has generated a preliminary design concept for a Lunar Elevator using currently available technology. The Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure (LSEI, pronounced “Elsie”) will lead to building an elevator that’ll take us deeper into space. The creation of Elsie will open up space for countless scientific and commercial activities that ultimately will benefit all humanity.

A Team of Experts

While LiftPort is based near Seattle, Washington, we’ve got an international team of technical advisors from just about everywhere.  LiftPort’s Expert Advisory Board represent all fields of science and engineering. With experts in robotics, international policy and space law, business, project management, environmental studies, military, history, culture, biotech and radioactivity all working together, there’s no challenge that the team can’t address.
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A Team of Experts
  • Michael Laine
    Michael LainePresident & Chief Strategic Officer
  • Michael Molnar
    Michael MolnarStrategic and Operational Planning
  • Charles Radley
    Charles RadleySpacecraft Systems Engineer
  • T. Marshall Eubanks
    T. Marshall EubanksChief Technical Officer
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